Sources of abstracts in this bibliography

The abstracts come from five sources:

  1. When there was no abstract and we wrote one, this was noted by *. These abstracts may incorporate the authors ' words.'
  2. When there was no abstract and we used the introduction to the piece, some part thereof, or something from another part of the work as the abstract, this was noted by **.
  3. When the abstract came from ERIC, this was noted by ***. To search the ERIC Database, visit their website at
  4. When the author wrote an abstract especially for this bibliography, this was noted by ****.
  5. When an abstract accompanied the article, chapter, paper, or book, that abstract was used. No asterisk accompanies such abstracts. If we added extra information to the abstract, that extra information appears in brackets, with asterisks -- see 1 to 4 above -- to identify its source.

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