Join the Archivist Team!

Help maintain this bibliography for yourself and others. If you have an interest in extensive reading and a desire to contribute to scholarship, this volunteer opportunity may be for you. For a few hours a month at your convenience, you can be part of the give and take of archiving.

The task requires that you have some access to second/foreign language teaching journals, magazines and newsletters in print or online. Archivists periodically (no pun intended) review these, looking for works that relate to extensive reading. They email their findings to the rest of the archivist team, which discusses the proposed entries, deciding if they should be included in the bibliography, and under which subject categories. Sometimes there's an abstract to write if the article doesn't include useable material. If you have access to local media and works in languages other than English, your contribution will be uniquely valuable.

Says current archivist Julian Bamford,

"I enjoy this work as it keeps me abreast of the current research, some of which I would not ordinarily come across. I also enjoy knowing I'm directly helping scholars and researchers the world over by keeping this valuable and much-consulted bibliography up-to-date."
George Jacobs adds,
"It's a good feeling to be part of a community of people sharing a common interest in promoting learning."

If you are interested in becoming an archivist or finding out more, contact webmaster Tom Robb at

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